Cloud Wallet

Cloud Wallet lets you manage all your cloud bills – with no surprises.

We’ve heard all the stories before… you budgeted $10k/month but your team came back with a $25k bill, or someone accidentally left a server running, or that time you couldn’t buy groceries because the Cloud crushed your credit limit. Our Cloud Wallet (available in 82 currencies) is here to help.

Never exceed your budget (it’s simple to add spend limits)

Allocate multiple spends to different teams or departments

Get intelligent alerts when your spend changes

Never let your bill be a runaway train

You need to add a credit card to use all the big cloud providers services. Not with us. As a top AWS partner, we’re plugged in and know how to track usage. Our Cloud Wallet makes sure you always know when you’re running low on credit and you’ll never run over your limit.

How to pay

Top up your wallet using a variety of payment methods from wallets to bank transfers to credit cards. Choose from 82 currencies. Enjoy peace of mind backup even when you run out of credit – your data is kept securely until you're ready to start again.